Our Team

When Connor and Sven where looking at colleges, they weren’t able to to visit all of the institutions they were accepted into, let alone all of the ones they were interested in. Having both decided to attend Ross after a visit, they saw the importance of being there and decided to try to recreate the experience digitally. VenueTourist aims to allow whoever to be there, no visit required.

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Connor Tullis - Co-Founder/CEO

Ross School of Business Junior, Computer Science Minor

In his limited free time Connor plays soccer, Rocket League, and brews a lot of coffee


Sven Wollschlaeger - Co-Founder/President

Ross School of Business Sophomore, Computer Science Dual Major

Sven avoids free time if possible and instead is a part of a consulting club that advises Fortune 500 companies. He also helps Michigan Interactive Investments manage their fund and engage investment leaders for their annual conference


Barger Leadership Institute

"The Capstone Experience at the Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) supports undergraduate students in designing and implementing evidence-based, collaborative projects that seek to bring about small (and big) wins for the complex, ambiguous problems that exist in our deeply interconnected world. Through generous funding and extensive mentorship, student teams will write a research proposal; collect and analyze sound, rigorous evidence; develop a project; create a budget; implement the project. BLI will provide funding up to $10,000, individualized mentorship, research and project management training, and many opportunities to master effective leadership habits.” 

Thank you BLI for the $10,000 in start-up funding and your generous mentor support

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The London Idea Foundation

“In 2016, the world lost Adam London - an innovative ideator, passionate connector and avid explorer. Adam’s most humble quality was learning to understand people and helping to encourage all ideas, big or small.

The London Idea’s mission is to honor Adam’s ever curious and fearless nature by empowering bright, young individuals to pursue their ideas connected to one of Adam’s passions – ideation, creation and exploration.”

Thank you to the London Idea Foundation for the connections and experiences you have graciously offered us