Be There Without Having to Be There


From higher ed institutions to commercial spaces and more, VenueTourist enables institutions to showcase one of their most valuable assets:  their venues!  Through various 3D-modeling services, VenueTourist provides both clients and users fully customizable and all-immersive virtual reality tour experiences.  


Our Services

Like the one above, we create virtual tours for anyone who hoping to show off their spaces.  These 4k tours are virtual reality enabled -- simply load the tour on your phone and drop your device into a Google Cardboard.  Models can also be viewed on laptops, desktops, and tablet without the need for a headset.

Tour Use Cases

Our clients have used our tours for various purposes.  From recruiting top talent to increasing  ticket sales,  our tours provide immense benefits in many different areas and industries. Whatever the purpose of your space, VenueTourist will help you market, inform, and impress your end user.

Tailored Products

We are in the business of saying "Yes!"  When a client comes to us with a specific need, we do everything in our power to tailor, customize, and defy expectation.  So far, that's translated to building some of virtual reality's larger and most immersive models to meeting client's ADA compliance needs.  Our tools enable you to hide, highlight, and emphasize select areas providing a truly unique experience.   If you can find an ask, we'll respond with a "Yes!" and a solution.

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Who Are We?

VenueTourist is a startup created by three ambitious & adventurous college students. After stumbling into our first client, the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, we have grown immensely, taking this startup places we could have never imagined.


We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

— Winston Churchill

Thereafter we create an accurate representation of that shape to the nearest 1/3rd of an inch!

- Connor Tullis

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Concert Venues, Universities, Hotels, Wedding Venues, & More

Because our product is so unique, many industries have found a purpose for our tours: you will too!